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Warranty Policy

Syncwire warrants to replace or refund for any quality related defects occurred during warranty period. All replacements do not have new warranties but will be covered by the warranties of the original purchases.

Please note that the following situations are not eligible for warranty claim:

Gifts without order ID

Refunded purchase

Stolen purchase

Purchases from unauthorized channel such as second hand deals platforms

Order Details
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*Order ID:
*Email Address:
*Product Model:
Series No.:
*Quantity of Defective Products:
*Warranty Claim Reason:
*Upload an Image of the Defective Product(s):
*Order Screen Shot (include seller information):
Shipping Address
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    Q1: What is a Series No.?
    This information helps us to see the production information and locate the root cause(s) of your product issue. You can find the Series No. located on the main body or connectors of the charging cable, for example: SWIFB10.
    Q2: What is product model?

    If you have purchased your Syncwire product from Amazon, you can find the “Order ID” by logging into your account, then clicking on the yellow “Order ID” button to find the Syncwire item you purchased.

    An Amazon order ID is a 17-digit number, for example: 206-5575693-3929931.

    Q3: How to find your order ID?
    This is the most effective method to identify and understand the problem with your defective product. Doing this allows us to improve our product quality so the product problem can be avoided in the future. Also, this is the proof of purchase is required to process your product replacement.
    Q4: Why should you upload the defective product photo?
    This is a combination of letters and numbers such as SW-01 that can help us find the exact product you purchased. You can check this information on the back of the product package or in your order history.
    Got it.
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