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Syncwire Screen Protector for iPhone 11[3-Pack]

  • “I think the one thing that makes this standing out from an awful lot of glass screen protectors is the ease of application with clear instructions!”—Sheva

    Comes with a full kit to make sure you apply it right with no air bubbles, plus there is a step by step installation guide video.

    ●9H hardness tempered glass protects your phone from scratches caused by everyday objects such as keys, coins, and even knives.

    ●Food debris, dirt, and fingerprints can be wiped off easily and leaving no smudges on your screen.

    ●The screen protector is 0.33mm thin and 99.99% transparency, which means virtually invisible to the eye or the touch.

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Easy Installation

Syncwire screen pretector comes with installation kits along with installation video to help you apply your new screen protector effortlessly.

Note: some protectors may not comes with the installation frame.

installation process of syncwire screen protector

Multi-layer Protection

This screen protector can withstand the impact of a falling 22lbs. steel ball from the height of 3ft. Effectively protect your phone screen from sudden drops. The oleophobic coating helps to avoid fingerprints and oil residues.

syncwire screen protector undergone impact force
The invisible protector

99.9% transparency and full adherence to your screen. Zero interference with your face ID and compatible with most cases. You can barely notice the exsitence of it. Except that the pretection is real.

Syncwire Screen Protector for iPhone 11[3-Pack]
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