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Syncwire Clear Phone Case for iPhone X

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  • “Had this case for some time now and it hasn't yet discolored like they usually do”—Debi

    ✔ Made of optically clear polycarbonate and flexible TPU to preserve the original iPhone finishes.

    Anti-yellowing over time as we cherry-picked Bayer material that is resistant to UV caused yellowing.

    ✔ The buttons are covered by soft TPU to be easily pressed.

    ✔ A slightly raised lip to protect your iPhone cameraagainst damages caused by sudden drops and daily abrasion.

Less is more

Maintains the original beauty of your iPhone and withstand the test of time.

No bulky, unuseful design, just the protection and style you need. Strong protection from daily accidental drop and scratches.

Well-prepared for sudden drops

The shock-absorbent bumper is an ultra-efficient material that absorbs and dissipates impact force, stopping that force from passing onto your iPhone.

Supports Wireless Charging

All Syncwire products are wireless charger compatible. As long as your devices can use wireless charger, you are good to go with any Syncwire clear cases.

Syncwire Clear Phone Case for iPhone X
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