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    • “The Syncwire 4-port USB charger plug does exactly what you ask of it and we'd happily recommend it to anyone looking to condense 4 separate charger plugs down into one.”

      – Tech Radar

    • “The wires housed in the cable all have their own rubber sleeve, so even if the jacket gets severely damaged they should remain insulated, which is important.”

      – Gadget Review

    • “The best part is, even if you do manage to break the cable, Syncwire is willing to send you a new free of charge, which speaks volumes to the confidence the company has in its cable.”

      – 9T5Toys

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    I’ve been using Syncwire products for a few months and I must say, the products are on the same level as the type of products you’d be charged 3 or 4 times for from the official companies.
    • 2 min read
    It can be extremely frustrating if your phone has been plugged in for hours or even all night but does not seem to be charging very fast at all. There are a variety of reasons that this could be happening, but bellow you will find a breakdown of some of the most common causes and how to fix them.
    • 4 min read

    Does your phone overheat while charging? Does this happen occasionally or every time you plug it into a charger?

    If you’ve been trying to get a permanent solution for this, then you need not worry anymore. In this article, we have compiled all the reasons why your phone overheats while charging, as well as the best solutions for each.  

    • 3 min read
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