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      Q1:What is the Bonus Warranty Plan?
      Syncwire offers a 12-month warranty for products purchased through authorized channels. Additionally, we offer a 24-month bonus warranty program to all customers that register through our website or our Facebook Page.
      Q2. How to claim your warranty?

      1. Talk to Syncwire via Facebook Messenger and your request can be processed instantly.

      2. Visit www.syncwire.com/warranty to submit your information.

      Q3: What is product model?
      This is a combination of letters and numbers such as SW-01 that can help us find the exact product you purchased. You can check this information on the back of the product package or in your order history.
      Q4: How to find your order ID?

      If you have purchased your Syncwire product from Amazon, you can find the “Order ID” by logging into your account, then clicking on the yellow “Order ID” button to find the Syncwire item you purchased.

      An Amazon order ID is a 17-digit number, for example: 206-5575693-3929931.

      Q5: Does Syncwire offer lifetime warranty?

      Since Jan 2018, Syncwire has changed its warranty policy from lifetime warranty to 12-month plus 24-month bonus warranty due to fierce market competition pressure. For customers bought under lifetime warranty promise (have lifetime warranty printed on their product packages), we will keep our promise and honor your lifetime warranty.

      All explanation rights reserved by Syncwire.

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